People are working on a variety of projects in the lab. Some of these projects are personal, some are community-based, some are research-focused, and some are business-oriented.

Below are some of the community-based projects that are open to anyone in the lab. If you have an interest in one of these projects, just reach out to the project contact. If there is a project that you would like to see added to this page, then please contact us at



The Yeast2Hybrid (Y2H) project at BioBlaze is a research experiment inspired and recommended to us by participants at the 2018 Build-A-Cell Workshop (BAC #3) in Minneapolis. Our project is used to identify protein-to-protein interactions in transformed yeast. Y2H was selected as a cost effective, potential high throughput, and easy to do experiment for high school and undergraduate level students.

There are several advanced methods of identifying unknown genes and/or protein function and the major institutions associated with Build-A-Cell are no doubt using them. Currently our team is creating a Y2H protocol to identify the functions of proteins encoded by essential genes within the Mycoplasma mycoides minimal cell. We will rely on BAC supporters and BioBlaze advanced degree members for suggestions on where to focus our look for novel protein functions and unknown genes. Our Y2H group is fortunate to have access to a growing network of BioBlaze labs in Chicagoland.

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